The Kardashians’ Stunning Beach Photoshoot You’ve GOT to See (PHOTO)

khloe kardashianThe Kardashians are a busy lot. When they aren't shooting one of their various television programs, they are releasing fashion lines or having tumultuous social lives that we must all scrutinize. It's tough to keep up with. But since Kim Kardashian was recently crowned our benign (if pickled) supreme overlord, we better do our darndest to stay hip to their swag.

In our continuing efforts to pay homage and fealty to our feared rulers, check out this fashion shoot the clan Kardashian-Jenner participated in on a dreamy, sunset-drenched beach! How gorgeous does each and every one of them look? It's pretty cute. Even Mama Rose Kris Jenner got in on the action and looked staaaaa-unning in her maroon-colored gown.


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Can you imagine if just a regular day in your life was swanning off to the beach in couture to make pouty faces with your sister? I mean, that's normal for me and my sister but only if we've been drinking mojitos. When the Kardalution comes (that's like a revolution, not a cleaning product), we will all wear tulle at the beach and every day will be an uptempo Celine Dion song! I feel like in this picture Kris Jenner has veered off message and is mentally singing Whitney Houston's monster-hit, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Right? I'm right:


While Khloe Kardashian served up old school Hollywood glamour in a black and nude lace detail gown, Kendall Jenner was like a cherub you'd find tattooed on the robust behind of a long-distance trucker -- pure angel! Kris was quietly being consumed by her massive gown, and Kylie Jenner rocked a stunning mini.

The show-stopper was clearly Kim. Because, you know, the fact that she has had a baby and now has her "pre-baby body back" is all you, I, or any of the free world care about. God save us all from the Throbtronians who will surely use this obsession to their advantage. It appears that the tentacled beasts have already eaten Kourtney Kardashian -- how else to explain her absence?

Which one of these looks is your favorite?


Images via Instagram

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