Prince George Beats Out Mom Kate Middleton for Fashion Award

Prince GeorgeLadies and germs, have I got a weird one for you. Prince George has been deemed one of 2013's most influential fashion figures. Let me repeat that. Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby. Who has been on this planet for, what, 3 1/2 months now? He's a fashion icon?

How does one even assess that? Here we have the baby's onesie collection. Please note how each one has a different spit-up stain that really pops. Aren't they just darling?


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Come ON people!

He may be the son of the most fashionable woman to ever walk this planet (OK, OK, second most fashionable after her late mother-in-law), but the future king isn't even old enough for real shoes!

The designation comes from John Lewis, a British store (and insurance company, oddly enough), which also gave the nod of approval to One Direction's Harry Styles and tennis player Andy Murray for their snazzy style. They credit the little guy's fashion quotient all the way back to his very first appearance outside St. Mary's Hospital when he was no more than a few days old.

Remember that little blanket wrapped round him as Kate clutched him in her arms? It had a 600 percent increase in sales after the Duke and Duchess presented their son to the world.

So, well, there you go.

If Kate wraps her baby in something that sells, then clearly the baby is bound for fashion greatness. Or, you know, people just really liked the blanket.

Does anyone actually care about their baby being fashionable? Aren't we all just busy trying to keep them in something that isn't drenched in drool and covered in baby vomit?

I wager even the Duchess has to be having a bit of a laugh over this one. She's the one who has to change her dashing baby's dirty nappies, after all. Something tells me THOSE will never end up in the pages of Vogue.

What's the first word that comes to mind when you hear "fashionable baby"?


Image via Getty Images/WPA Pool

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