Lady Gaga's Next Gimmick Is Truly Out of This World

lady gagaHey, so remember "Bowie's in Space" by Flight of the Conchords? Bowie's in space/Bowie's in space/Whatcha doin' out there, man?/That's pretty freaky Bowie, ooh Bowie/Is it cold out in space, Bowie?/You can borrow my jumper if you like, Bowie. Well, the New Zealanders could totally do a new version of that song now with "Lady Gaga" replacing "Bowie," as the pop diva is now planning to, yes, sing a song ... in space. And no, I don't mean that the 27-year-old is going to dress up in some crazy-ass astronaut costume on her next tour, I mean she's really going to sing a song in outerspace -- and she'll be the first musician ever to do so, apparently. The whole thing won't happen for about another year, but in early 2015, Gaga will climb aboard a Virgin Galactic rocketship and perform one single number as part of the Zero G Colony tech festival in New Mexico. Why?


Um, to continue her tradition of being a groundbreaking artist, I guess. That's what we're supposed to think, anyway -- although since Gaga's extraterrestrial tune will be sung approximately six months after the inaugural Virgin Galactic commercial flight, I'm more inclined to believe that a big fat promotional paycheck is the main motivation here. 

Plus, let's face it: This could quite possibly be the only gimmick out there Gaga hasn't tried yet! I mean, after the meat dress and the giant egg thing and the naked performance art video, what's left? Oh yeah ... the music. Except, let's face it (again): Who cares about music anymore? If anybody really gave a rat's ass about what they were listening to, Miley Cyrus wouldn't have to foam finger herself or ride a wrecking ball in the buff to sell records or whatever the hell people sell nowadays. 

Look, whatever. If people like the idea and Virgin Galactic somehow manages to sell more commercial flight tickets because of it, then good for their bank account. I just don't know what the point is, really.

Do you think Lady Gaga's song in outerspace is just another gimmick?


Image via petercruise/Flickr

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