Kate Middleton & Prince William Planning a Party Like Nothing the Palace Has Ever Seen

We've all heard by now that Kate Middleton and Prince William did a smashing job redecorating Kensington Palace, and that it now features Corinthian lamps, expensive Persian rugs, encrypted Wi-Fi, his and her bathrooms, and even a few quirky Bohemian throw-ins. Basically, it's the home of our dreams and we'd give anything to be able to run free through its gardens just once. Well, as it turns out, the most accessible royal couple in history is planning a housewarming party unlike any you'd expect. And YOU can be part of the festivities -- if you've been saving your pennies, of course. 


I was sure Kate and Will would host some sort of intimate tea party in which only their friends and family were invited to gather, tour the spectacular grounds, and listen to an orchestra perform on the lawn. Nope. Think the opposite of that. The royal couple is throwing a huge rock 'n' roll-themed housewarming party/charity event and concert to celebrate the fact that they are giving little Prince George and themselves the gift of an incredible home. 

Oh, and you and I can join them. Pinky swear -- it's true! Five hundred tickets, priced at £500, are set to go on sale to the public and another 250 will be reserved as VIP passes. All of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Centrepoint, a homeless charity that the Duke and Duchess support. 

So what can you expect to get in return for your hard-earned ticket money (and airfare and hotel expenses)? You'll kick off the evening with a champagne reception in the King's Gallery ballroom before being whisked to another room for dinner. Following your meal -- and aren't you dying to find out what they plan on serving? -- you'll frolic in the royal gardens where Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, James Blunt, and Eliza Doolittle are set to perform. 

Personally, I could care less about the musical performers. I think it's worth the price of admission just to be able to be up and close with Kate and Will's furniture! Imagine being able to use their bathroom -- I would totally peek into the cupboards, even though I know I'd be using one of several guest facilities that Kate probably doesn't even exists. Do you think the couple will actually eat with guests? Someone, quick! Get out your credit card and get thee to this event so you can report back. Dying here.

Do you think Kate and Will's housewarming event is worth the cost? What would you be most excited about it if you could attend? 


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