Miley's Latest Tattoo Is a Sweet Tribute to Someone Special (PHOTO)

It looks like Miley Cyrus hit up the tattoo parlor again, visiting her favorite artist Kat Von D (she’s inked several of her many tats) to honor something a little bit more important than her Rolling Stone cover.

Miley got her grandmother’s portrait inked onto her right forearm. She Instagrammed a picture of the finished work with the caption, “because I am her favorite & she is mine [kiss]”


No word on if any of her cousins smacked her or what Grandma thought of the tribute, which turned out to be a birthday present. Although, if Miley is still her favorite after all of her shenanigans of late, Grammy was probably touched.

Kat worked off a photograph of Grandma from what appears to be the '60s, and the finished product actually looks pretty fantastic. Kat is a very talented artist, and hey, if you’re going to cover your body with ink, please let it be artwork.

In other words, not like that guy that got that very strange and awful tattoo of cartoon Miley riding a crying wrecking ball. File that one under things we wish we never saw.

Anyway, Kat Instagrammed her own pic, showing the tat in progress next to the photo she worked from.


This is the 21st tattoo for the 20-year-old starlet, which means she should be inked solid in no time. And it seems like that’s not going to bother her grandmother too much, since Miley posted a pic of Mammie smiling with her and captioned it, “Still just as beautiful. @thekatvond look who left the house today :) happy birthday Mammie”

What would your grandma say if you tattooed her face on your arm?


Images via mileycyrus/Instagram & thekatvond/Instagram

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