Catherine Giudici & Sean Lowe's Save-the-Dates Are Incredibly Corny

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Save the Date
I think it's safe to say that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are one of the corniest couples to come out of The Bachelor, well, ever. That funky relationship is most definitely on display in Sean and Catherine's newly released save-the-date cards for their upcoming January 26, 2014 wedding. Oh, and let's not forget -- the nuptials will be live on ABC for the entire world to attend.

But seriously, their save-the-dates -- which leaked onto the Interwebs yesterday -- are all SORTS of corny. I mean, not every couple addresses their save-the-date cards to "lovers, friends, family, and Jack Nicholson." Oh, and apparently they're also letting "hologram Tupac" join in the celebration.

Sure, Sean and Catherine are getting all sorts of silly with these invites, but hey -- they're entitled. What's important in every aspect of this wedding is that they're staying true to themselves.


Wedding planning can be very very overwhelming. Between choosing a venue, picking the cake, selecting a menu, and settling on table decor -- there are SO many things to get lost in. Sure, you can look to Pinterest and the weddings of your friends to draw inspiration and ideas. However, the most important part of putting together a big affair, hands down, is those little touches that make the event unique to you and yours.

Sean and Catherine have been notorious for their wacky relationship. From decorated champagne bottles to monkeying around the house -- these two know how to have fun and there's no doubting they want to have fun on their special day. Although some details of their save-the-dates may be a little confusing (read: I'm not sure wording the date of the affair "the twenty-sixth day of the first month of the two-thousand fourteenth year since we started counting time" is 100 percent fool-proof), it's so totally them.

Here's hoping that their wedding day is just as funky as their save-the-dates make it out to be.

How did you get personal on your wedding day?


Image via ABC

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