Raunchy Sex & Drug Jokes About Royal Family Are No Laughing Matter

prince harryUnlike other celebs we obsess about all the time (cough Kim Kardashian), Prince William and Prince Harry have never really consciously chosen to live their lives in the spotlight. They just happened to be born in it. And as a result, they're often subject to a lot of commentary and criticism that's, well, not for the faint of heart. Especially Harry, who some might argue has dug his own grave by doing things like running around in the buff in Vegas! Still, there's a fine line between what's funny and what's inappropriate when we're talking about royalty ... right?

That seems to be the argument British politicians are making after a couple of comedians, in their opinions, crossed the line while joking about Harry's wild ways.


Yesterday, a comedy show in Britain called Fresh Meat ran a sketch in which one character said to the other: "I'll take you to a place on the King's Road where Prince Harry got a hand j–– off an assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch." Whaaa?!

In turn, conservative MP Andrew Rosindell told the Telegraph

The media should not involve the royal family in this sort of thing. It's inappropriate and degrading, and it demeans the broadcasters that engage in it. It's just wrong.

This incident comes just days after guest host Jo Brand was on the BBC's Have I Got News for You and joked that the prince snorted cocaine during a bit about Prince George's godparents. Ouch! And yeah, that too got a backlash from the powers that be, as you can imagine!

I can't exactly blame them. The comedians and shows they were on have defended themselves by saying that they're being "irreverent" and "tongue-in-cheek," but I can't help but think they're really just scraping the bottom of the barrel for material. Is Harry as a druggie party animal really all they've got to joke about right now? Isn't that joke stale?

Not to mention that he's been acting rather grown-up in the past year, seems like a doting uncle, may be able to propose to his girlfriend, etc. So these joke actually don't resonate very well -- and actually seem a bit desperate. To be successfully irreverent or tongue-in-cheek, you've gotta be talking about something that people are thinking but not saying. Well, this idea that Harry can't stop, won't stop a la Miley Cyrus was played-out YEARS ago!

That said, I wouldn't want to see comedians have to deal with censorship or apologize, because some stuffy dude in Parliament isn't pleased with their particular brand of humor. But maybe when poking fun at the royals in the future, they'll consider being a tiny bit more respectful -- and a lot more creative!

What do you think about these Prince Harry jokes -- inappropriate, hilarious, or ...?


Image via Glyn Lowe/Wikimedia

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