Kristen Stewart Breaks Down in Tears After Reunion With Robert Pattinson

Kristen StewartRumor has it that Kristen Stewart and her on-off vampire love Robert Pattinson are back on, so why oh why the long face, KStew? She was just spotted looking quite devastated on the streets of New York. Sporting no makeup, her raven tendrils falling carelessly across her shoulders, her pale lips quivering, her eyelashes dewy with the stains of freshly dropped tears, she appeared not at all like someone who supposedly just got back from a romantic make-up sex weekend with her luvah. Did she hit another pothole in the road of dysfunctional love with Robert Pattinson? Maybe not. Turns out KStew was all emo'd up because she was filming a scene for her new movie, Anesthesia. Or that's her cover, at least.


Okay, so maybe Kristen wasn't exactly crying over Rob (this time), but actors do use real life in all of its painful glory as the muse for their emotional scenes, so who is to say that KStew wasn't all teary-eyed thinking about Rob and their on-off relationship? I mean, seriously, have you ever seen Kristen THIS emotional?

Granted, she was crying for the movie -- but this is probably just the way she looked when she saw Rob's drunken karaoke antics with Katy Perry. Or thought about all of that business with Riley Keough, whatever that was. What the hell was that, Rob?

It does seem that Rob and KStew are back on -- or at least were last week, when they were spotted spending time together at her house. Though maybe he was just there to visit the dogs.

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With such a precarious relationship, it must have been fairly easy for Kristen to cue the waterworks.

Whether these two are back together or not, these tears prove one thing: Kristen does have more than one facial expression!

Do you think Kristen was crying over Rob? Or she's just like an actress 'n' stuff like that?


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