‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Teasers Prep Fans for Even More Tragedy (VIDEO)

game of thrones season 4Sadly, Game of Thrones season 4 is still a winter away, and after all the twists and turns and adrenaline rushes that defined season 3, that's just way too long to wait. Still, diehard fans are soaking up everything they can during this long hiatus, nitpicking every photo and video clip they can get their hands on (errr, just me?). Though those of you who have read A Storm of Swords and the other books in the series know what will most likely take place on the TV version, it's still fun to speculate about how it will all come to life and what liberties HBO will take with the original source material. Hopefully not too many!

So, what have we got today? Recently, British director Neil Marshall gave an interview about season 4 and posted an awesome photo from Castle Black, welcoming us right back into the world of Westeros. Sadly, there's no Jon Snow or Ygritte sighting, but there certainly are a large number of extras hanging on the Wall!


Check it out:

game of thrones season 4

Looks like everyone's having fun and getting along for once, huh?! The Wall is going to play a major part in a major conflict to come (sorry, should I have said spoilers?), so all these extras were much-needed. But seeing the evidence of a production that's obviously in full-swing, it makes us fans desperate for even more!

Neil, who directed "Blackwater," also did fans a solid by teasing that his season 4 episode may be as gory as season 3's Red Wedding. Whaaaaat? How can you possibly top the Red Wedding?! Can we handle yet another crippling, emotional gut punch after watching so many beloved characters kick the bucket in the most brutal way possible all in one scene? No wonder this wait is so damn infuriating!

“I think that’s one of the key things of Game of Thrones, which is to take characters that you loved for three of four years and then butcher them brutally. Yeah, there’s a bit of drama and tragedy in my episode so I’m sure there is for the rest of the season as well,” he said in an interview with Flicks in the City. Wow, who do you think they'll kill off next (for you non-book readers)? It better not be Tyrion! Or Daenerys! Or Jon Snow! Or any more direwolves! I'm fearing for the worst now. Winter sure is coming ... but is it spring yet?

Here's the interview:

Frustratingly, there's still no exact premiere date, so there's no point yet in meticulously constructing your intriciate Game of Thrones Internet countdowns. But don't worry, we will keep a weather eye out for any more updates on one of the best television shows on TV!

How much do you miss Game of Thrones? Any non-spoilery predictions for season 4?


Image via HBO

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