8 Hot Celebs Who Have Bounced Back From Bad Break-Ups Stronger Than Ever

katy perry, russell brandBreak-ups are the worst. There is no doubt about that. But even in the suffering, there are ways to find silver linings, especially when you are famous.

For many women that means finding someone new. But the only way to really bounce back is to truly do something for yourself. This is something Hollywood is very familiar with. For stars like Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, it could mean a hit album or a starring role in an upcoming Emmy-nod worthy film. (In the wise words of a formerly single Kelly Clarkson, "Does it suck to see my face everywhere?") 

We have to give these women the bounce-back props they deserve. Here are eight big stars who came back from break ups bigger and badder than ever. See below:

Image via Splash News


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