Kate Middleton’s Style May Completely Change Soon

kate middletonThe world seems to collectively heart the way Kate Middleton dresses. The instant the Duchess of Cambridge steps out in something -- be it a dress, a pair of sneakers, or a perfume -- it sells out. There are even websites dedicated to "what Kate wore." I think it was made official last year when she was listed as one of Vanity Fair magazine's Best Dressed for the fourth year: When it comes to style, Middleton can do no wrong.

However. Kate is currently being advised to change up her style a bit by a certain influential person in her inner circle. Someone wants the Duchess to -- pearl clutch! -- wear more colo(u)r and pattern.


Kate's close friend, Emilia Jardine-Paterson, who is helping the Duchess decorate her Kensington Palace apartment, and who is one of Prince George's seven godparents, reportedly has advised Kate to break out of her neutral and solid comfort zone and go for things that are more bold. According to a source: "[Emilia] is trying to move Kate away from the Middleton neutral palate and push her towards colour or pattern. Emilia loves vintage and tries to get Kate to be a bit more quirky."

Kate? Quirky? Eh, just can't see it. I personally love it when people add a little quirk to their clothing, but "quirky" just doesn't seem to go with the Duchess' personality. She's classic and, I hate to say, but safe through and through. And it works for her. Really well. So, if it ain't broke, Emilia ...

On another note, though, I wouldn't hate it if Kate decided to mix it up a bit in the shoe department. I love her trusty nude LK Bennett pumps just as much as the next commoner, but it wouldn't kill her to try something new. A strappy sandal? A black platform? A wedge with a pop of color? But nothing quirky, Kate. Leave the quirk to the Zooey Deschanels of the world. You just keep on being your classic, sophisticated self.

What's your favorite look of the Duchess'?


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