Michelle Pfeiffer Isn't the Only Celeb With a 'Secret' Cult Past (PHOTOS)

michelle pfeifferAs a wise man (Frank Zappa) once said, "The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own." Truer words were never spoken, and yet, we still drop our collective jaw when news breaks about one of Hollywood's own being involved in a secret sect -- like Michelle Pfeiffer, for instance, whose recent revelation (apparently the actress fell in with a pair of hyper-controlling "breatharians" as a young woman) left fans reeling. Of course, Pfeiffer is far from the only celeb with a history of cult involvement. Read on to find out about more members of the Hollywood elite who were involved in scary sects -- many of them as kids!

  • Rose McGowan


    Raised in the infamous Children of God sect (you'll see that name pop up again in this slideshow), Rose McGowan's family managed to escape from the clutches of this "free love"-promoting group when they started promoting child-adult sexual relations. YIKES.

  • The Phoenix Family


    According to Joaquin Phoenix, when his family was involved with the aforementioned Children of God (including brother River), it was more of a "religious community" and less of a "cult." Still, the Phoenix clan did eventually sever ties with the group.

  • The Arquette Family


    Rosanna, Patricia, and David Arquette were raised on what was more of a commune than an actual cult, but considering said commune was co-founded by their drug-addicted, physically abusive parents, their upbringing was strikingly similar to that of many young stars raised in highly "unconventional" and controlling communities.

  • Winona Ryder


    Like the Arquettes, Ryder was raised on more of a commune than in a cult, per se -- the Rainbow commune consisted of the Ryders and seven other families that "attempted to live self-sufficiently on a 300-acre plot of land." Odd enough to almost qualify as a cult, dontcha think?

  • Leah Remini


    Okay, so the jury is techinically out (is it, though??) on whether or not Scientology is a cult. Guess it all depends on who you ask, and if you're asking Leah Remini? She'll say HELL YEAH IT'S A CULT, and one she was thrilled to get away from

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