The 23 Most Shocking Celeb Cheating Scandals of All Time

The 23 Most Shocking Celeb Cheating Scandals of All Time
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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
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Admit it. A good celebrity cheating scandal is pretty much impossible to look away from. So often famous couples seem like they have the picture-perfect relationship, so when the ish hits the fan, it winds up being a pretty riveting show. There are plenty of times when celebrity affairs are so cliché it is painful. For instance, when the husband leaves his wife for the nanny or some other version of "the help," it feels like a plot straight out of a bad Lifetime movie.

Sometimes there are the truly heartbreaking affairs, the ones that rock celebrity couples we were so sure were going to make it. Even after decades of marriage, one half of a dynamic duo strays, ultimately crushing our faith in true love. 

But then there are the juicy stories -- the ones so jaw-dropping it sounds like they deserve a script or movie of their own. Some celebrities have push affairs so far that they parented secret love-children and have even solicited for sex illegally. 

We don't like to use anyone's misfortune as fodder, but cheating scandals do make for some pretty fantastic water cooler talk. Here are some of the most scandalous celebrity cheating scandals of all time.

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