Farrah Abraham’s New Relationship May Already Be in Trouble (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamUh oh! Farrah Abraham's new relationship may already be in trouble. Just a few weeks after going public about her romance with Brian Dawe, she hinted at trouble in paradise. The Teen Mom star recently posted a selfie video on Keek asking fans for relationship advice about dealing with a cheater. Take a look.


Could things have gone downhill already? She doesn't say what, if anything, actually happened. But if Brian has cheated, I can't blame her for seeking some input from fans. She has made some really bad choices in the last year. The biggest being that infamous sex tape. She may think it's awesome now, but one day she may regret it, especially once her daughter is fully aware.

She also got a lot of heat for comments that she made during an appearance on Katie Couric's talk show. She admitted to waxing her 3-year-old's eyebrows while the tot is sleeping -- which is an absolutely ridiculous notion to just about every mom on the planet.

So perhaps before she reacts rashly or makes another big mistake, she wants to see what the masses think. Among the pearls of wisdom she's received so far:





Some good advice in there. Hope she does what's right for her and Sophia.

How would you answer Farrah's question -- what would you do if you found out your man was cheating?


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