Kate Middleton's Second Pregnancy Will Be a Lot Sooner Than You Think

kate middletonKate Middleton and Prince William have baby fever. Well, at least that's what the reports are saying -- and you know what they say about reports. According to sources, the Duke and Duchess are keen to "have another baby as soon as possible." And they definitely don't want the typical "heir and a spare," like most royal couples seem to have. They want a whole bloody brood!


Claims suggest that William and Kate are "looking in the diary" to see when the best time to give 3-month-old George a little brother or sister is. The Daily Star has reported that the couple "can't wait to get down to the business of babymaking" and "want to have a big family." A source also added that "Kate’s getting broody and they would love to have a brother and sister for George."

Wow! Wanting another baby just three months in? I respect and admire the crap out of that! I so wasn't ready for another when my daughter was that young. Prince George must be one heck of a good sleeper -- and parenthood must have changed William and Kate more than we know.

Becoming a parent, obviously, changes people immensely. Their priorities shift; their view of the world changes; and, understandably, their thoughts on kids evolve (we all know so much before having kids, right?). Will and Kate, by no stretch, seemed "baby crazy" before having George. They've always appeared to be a modern couple, doing things their way and not diving head-first into pregnancy after getting married. But now? Now they seem to be singing a different tune. And what parent can't relate to that?

Before my daughter was born, I used to look at parents with more than three kids and think they were bonkers. Why would you do that?! But now I get it. Kids are awesome! Having a family is awesome! And sometimes, full disclosure, I even wish I started having babies earlier so I could have a mini Von Trapp family of my own. My views are completely different now that I'm a mother. And, evidently, so are Kate's. (Twinsies.)

I say Will and Kate get on with having another ASAP. Fewer things were more exciting in the media than the Duchess' pregnancy. No, there probably won't be as much pomp and circumstance for her second child since he or she won't be heir to the throne. But at least we'll get to look at Kate's stylish Jenny Packham maternity dresses again.

Do you think the Cambridges will have a boy or a girl next?


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