Something Is DEFINITELY Going on With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart robert pattinsonRemember that time Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up? Seems like a distant memory, doesn't it, because from the looks of things, KStew and RPattz are back together and stronger than ever. Last week, paparazzi spotted Kristen's car parked in Rob's driveway for about three hours. Then on Saturday, the tween heartthrobs were seen together once again -- in public like nothing ever happened! It's almost as if they're trying to mess with us!


According to a source, the pair hit up the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a Dia de los Muertos event. "Rob and Kristen went to check out the scene at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday night, November 2," the source says. "There was a huge celebration for Dia de los Muertos with tons of costumes and bands. They just mixed in with the crowd and acted like a normal couple just hanging out."

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A normal couple hanging out?! What? Haven't they been broken up all this time? Isn't Rob seeing Dylan Keough Riley Penn Random Hot Trainer? And isn't Kristen finding herself via yodeling in Switzerland? The fact that they went out in public together is huge. This isn't just a clandestine meeting we're talking about. This is pretty much telling the world, "We're back together and we don't give a shih tzu who knows it!"

I can't say I'm surprised R and K are giving their relationship the ol' college try again. But I am fairly shocked that they've already taken things public. Hopefully, this means they're serious this time 'round, and the are-they-or-aren't-they rumors will finally come to an end.

HAHAHA, just kidding! Those rumors will never come to an end. But hey, great news that they were spotted out together! Stay strong, kids. I really believe you can make it this time. Until you break up again.

What do you make of Rob and Kristen going out in public together?


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