Justin Bieber Hit by a Bottle on Stage After Acting Like a Brat (VIDEO)

It was bound to happen at some point. Justin Bieber has reportedly been carrying on like such a twerp during the Brazil leg of his Believe tour that one fan became so disgusted by his behavior that he or she hurled a plastic water bottle in Bieb's direction, knocking a microphone out of the singer's hand and prompting him to storm off stage without saying good-bye or finishing his set. 

And that was after he made concertgoers wait one hour and 20 minutes to see him perform and did a bunch of other foolish and disrespectful things to royally piss off his fans.


We get it, Bieber. You are 19. You are no longer a little boy and will drink beers and visit Brazilian brothels if you damn well feel like it. Be your "bad" self all you want. But when you mess with your young fans and their precious time -- making preteens wait more than an hour to see you in concert is just plain irresponsible and guaranteed to anger both them and their parents -- you are taking your act too far. 

When you are walking and reportedly kick a Brazilian flag that's in your way, but have no problem profiting from Brazil -- you are showing your ignorance. And when you show up three hours late to a fan meet and greet, in which kids and their parents paid tons of money to chat with you, you do not deserve to have fans. 

So, while I feel for Justin because, at the end of the day, he's really just a kid with too much money and it's disrespectful to throw things at performers on stage, I think this water bottle incident was his comeuppance for treating fans in Brazil so poorly.

I also wasn't surprised that he walked off stage and didn't return -- denying his fans the ability to see him perform his huge hit "Baby" -- but I think it's a shame he didn't handle it like, well, like more of the man he wants to be. Address the disrespectful fan in a classy way and then understand the crowd doesn't deserve to be punished for one jerk's actions. 

But I guess Bieber isn't quite there yet. Maybe a few more brothel visits will man him up. 

How do you think Justin should have reacted to the water bottle incident? 


Image Via YouTube

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