Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes May Be Breaking Up Over Her One Big Flaw

ryan gosling eva mendesI know I'm not the only person who sort of wishes Ryan Gosling would be single, giving the unattached ladies everywhere a chance with the devastatingly handsome actor and superhero who saves lives. Yes, he saves people from getting hit by cars and stops street fights. But even I, who wouldn't say no to a dream date with Gosling, don't want him and Eva Mendes to breakup. I wouldn't be able to deal with adjusting to a new girlfriend when he inevitably gets one, probably another gorgeous actress and not some single mom with two kids like me.

So this latest news that Ryan and Eva are heading to splitsville makes me quite sad especially since it's the worst reason ever.


The rumors are that Eva is a jealous woman. Okay, I get that. Everyone talks about Ryan and how ahhh-may-zing he is. It's probably really, really hard to date such a coveted man. Though I kind of get it -- I once dated a guy all the single ladies in the area called the "kobe beef of bachelors." But Ryan -- that's on a whole other mega level times a million. Apparently though, Ryan is moody, and it makes Eva with her rumored insecurity crazy in a bad way.

Ryan Gosling is a Scorpio by the way. His birthday is coming up -- November 12th. Eva is a Pisces. The two are supposed to be a good match, but as a Scorpio myself, I will say it can be hard to date a Scorpio ... but the rewards are great, particularly if that reward is a Scorpio named Ryan Gosling.

A source says that Eva gets jealous over text messages Ryan gets from numbers she doesn't know. Um, yeah. I would, too. She's thinking something is up and that he's talking to other girls. Sounds really high school, but stars ... they are just like us and go through this kind of stuff, too. Even when they are as stunning as Eva Mendes. The other breakup theory is due to Ryan's desire to settle down and make some baby Goslings. Eva, apparently, isn't ready to do that just yet and is a bit of a commitment-phobe. Will these two survive? I sure hope so, but if not ... Hey, Ryan ....

Do you think they will last?


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