Catherine Giudici's 'Wedding Diet' Is Every Bride's Dream

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Did you bust your butt and follow a strict eating plan to get in shape before your wedding? Most brides do, even reality TV stars who have smokin' hot bods to begin with. Like Bachelor Sean Lowe's bride-to-be.

Apparently Catherine Giudici's wedding diet allowed room for noshing on candy all day long yesterday (well, it was Halloween). At least that's what we can probably assume based on a tweet she posted joking about straying from the healthy way of eating she's accustomed to. (She's a vegan.)


Here's what she had to say:

Ok, I love her and all -- but she's getting a major eye roll from me for this one. Um, have you seen Catherine? She's maybe a size two ... but probably closer to a zero. Seriously, the girl is minuscule. I mean, yeah, she's toned and in shape and not scary skinny or anything -- but she's not exactly someone who needs to be worrying about shedding a few pounds before her big day.

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And even if she is watching the food a bit just to make sure she doesn't accidentally gain a pound or two before the wedding, it's not like splurging on candy for one day is going to have a noticeable impact.

Ugh. I wonder if she realizes just how lucky she is? Plenty of brides would kill to be able to enjoy the time before their wedding without worrying about every single morsel that goes into their mouths.

On second thought, most brides would also do just about anything to have ABC foot the bill for their entire bash and fork over a hefty paycheck for the pleasure of doing so.

Catherine sure makes finding a dude to marry on TV sound pretty darn appealing. (Where do I sign up again?)

What did your wedding diet consist of?


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