Kate Middleton Reveals Her Surprising Taste in Home Decor (PHOTOS)

kate middletonRemember when Kate Middleton went out shopping the other day looking oh-so-chic and casual? So much fuss over jeans and sneakers we forgot to obsess fuss discuss what was actually inside those shopping bags of hers. But what did the Duchess buy? The People need to know, and by people I mean strangers who live in a former colony across the ocean. Kate may have been feathering her nest, buying something absolutely adorable for her household. Check out Kate's reported purchases from Zara Home.


The palace will not confirm, but a source told People that Kate bought platters with tropical birds on them. Perusing the UK Zara Home site like a total weirdo with nothing better to do with my time (oh wait, no, I get paid to do this -- yay me!), I spy a platter with a cockatoo and another platter with a couple of parrots. Bingo! These must be Kate's platters. 

zara home parrot platter

cockatoo platter zara home

Charming, no? What a witty choice -- colorful, whimsical, droll. So Kate! Everyone, let's each buy a set of our own and we'll all feel a little more Kate-like in our otherwise commoner lives. "Welcome to my home! May I serve you a hot pocket from my illustrious Kate Middleton parrot platter?" "Oh my, what a clever platter. What excellent taste you have. Why yes, I will have a hot pocket, thank you."

But wait, what's this we hear? One store employee says they thought they heard she was buying these platters for someone else as a gift. Oh, I am so crestfallen! Of course, you can still feel close to Kate if you buy these platters, knowing she picked them out just for you a friend. But I think I'd enjoy them a wee bit more if I knew they were being used to adorn the table of the Royal Family.

Tell me truthfully, what do you think of these platters? Would you buy them if you could?


Images via Pacific Coast News, Zara Home, Zara Home

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