Catherine Giudici Finally Shows Her True Colors (PHOTO)

Catherine Giudici

OMG. Check out this absolutely adorable Halloween photo Catherine Giudici posted to Instagram yesterday. 

I'll give you a minute to stop cracking up and staring at it. Believe me -- I'm finding it nearly impossible to look away too.

Yes, that's Catherine dressed as a clown for Halloween when she was a kid on the left. And based on her caption, "Catherine Giudici. Clowning for 24 years," it's safe to assume this pic was taken when she was 2 or 3 years old.


I can't get over how the facial expressions in the two shots are exactly alike. I gotta say -- I never realized what an awesome sense of humor Catherine has.

(Though she definitely didn't look too amused to be painted up like a clown in the kid photo.)

When she appeared on The Bachelor with Sean Lowe, she seemed really sweet and a little quirky -- but we really didn't get to see the comedic side of her come through very much. (Damn editing team.)

And because Catherine seemed to kind of come out of the woodwork and emerge as a front runner closer to the end of the show, people were fairly quick to question her engagement to Sean and whether or not it would actually stick.

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But if we'd seen a little bit more of her humorous personality? America would've really fallen in love with her. Everyone would've been rooting for Sean to choose her as his bride and live happily ever after.

I mean, it's not that fans weren't happy for him or anything -- but it sort of seemed like he proposed for the sake of proposing, which we now know was definitely not the case. Sean obviously got to know the real Catherine when the cameras weren't rolling. It's clear that he really couldn't have picked a cooler chick to complement his own "I don't take myself too seriously" attitude.

Sigh. If only he'd dressed up as a clown right alongside Catherine, this photo would've been taken to an even more hilarious level. 

(There's always next year.)

Did you notice Catherine's sense of humor during her season of The Bachelor?


Image via Instagram

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