Kim Kardashian's Latest Outfit Is Just Plain Outrageous (VIDEO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian took a beating (by some) while she was pregnant for the weight she gained. There were many a magazine cover that featured a photo of the reality star, along with a not-so-nice caption. "I Can't Stop Eating!" is one that always comes to mind to me. So, it wasn't exactly a shock that she wanted to get back into fighting shape as soon as possible and flaunt her new body to the world. And she has! And she looks great! But ... enough already. We get it, Kim. You look good. There was no need to wear a bra and underwear on your recent appearance on Jay Leno. Messaged received.


On the heels of wearing a super sexy outfit on her birthday and the world's most revealing selfie, Kim wore a tight white dress to Jay Leno that was completely see-through. As in her black bra and underwear were in full-view during the entire interview. She looked gorgeous and sexy and beautiful like she always does, but ... is anyone else getting sick of seeing Kim's entire body every time she steps out? A little mystique goes a long way, girlfriend. Dial it back a notch.

Check out Kim's appearance on Leno. Are you getting a little tired of seeing Kim in super revealing outfits?


Image via The Tonight Show With Jay Leno/YouTube

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