Katy Perry Wants the One Thing John Mayer Can't Give Her

katy peryKaty Perry may be setting herself up for another huge heartbreak. After her devastating split with Russell Brand, she began an on-off romance with notorious Lothario John Mayer. But his bad boy rep isn't the problem. Truth be told, he actually seems to really be into her. This time, the problem isn't the guy but rather Katy's own unrealistic expectations. She recently revealed what she wants and needs for her romance with John -- and there is no way she's gonna get it.


The pop star says she wants "a normal life with a normal relationship."

And beauty pageant contestants want world peace. Sadly, there is little chance of either ever happening. She may not want some high-profile romance that is constantly monitored by ruthless paparazzi, but that's what she has. And I don't see the likelihood of that changing.

There's no way she can have a "normal" relationship with Mayer. If that's really her goal, she needs to follow the example of the few big stars who have managed to have successful marriages (or at least ones that have lasted more than five years). Their secret? They don't marry fellow A-list stars with sketchy dating histories. Look at Julia Roberts. She married some guy no one had ever heard of. By all accounts, they live a low-key life outside of the spotlight. And it's not just because he is a "regular Joe." It's because she doesn't seek the spotlight or attention. She's over the partying stage. She is going to out of the way vacation spots with her family, not Cannes or partying at clubs.

Another good example? Matt Damon. He married a waitress who seems to have no interest in becoming famous in her own right. Again, they don't seem to seek out the limelight, hit red carpets every week, or party. Katy is still very young and enjoys all the trappings of celebrity. She'll need to change her lifestyle and her choice of mate if she truly wants a "normal" life and relationship.

How can Katy can have a "normal" relationship with John Mayer?


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