Orlando Bloom Breaks His Silence About Split With Miranda Kerr

orlando bloomDespite the marital track record among stars, most people were shocked to hear of the split between Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. It's not as though any of us ever knew what they were actually like as a couple, but they were just so damn hot together. And that baby of theirs -- cutest little cherub ever. So, we had high hopes for the young family. But more shocking than the split itself may be how Orlando is handling it. In fact, he has broken the golden rule of Hollywood breakups.


He's actually talking about it, sincerely, just weeks after the news broke. There is typically a period of radio silence about each other (except for the bland statement from a publicist saying they still care for one another and that they hope the public respects their privacy, blah, blah, blah). 

But the rebel that he is, Orlando went on Katie Couric's talk show and what he said was incredibly surprising. Take a look:

How great is that. He's rational, mature, and positive. No nasty name calling or arguments where the police are called in (I'm referring to you Halle Berry). Most headline-grabbing splits and divorces are so nasty, you can see them seethe with hate when the ex's name is mentioned. What's even more amazing with Orlando and Miranda, it's clear that they are putting their son first. Let's just hope things stay so rosy. 

What do you find most surprising about his comments about his breakup?

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