3 Tricks to Get Kourtney Kardashian's Flawless 'No Makeup' Look (PHOTO)

Kourtney KardashianWhoa. Get a load of Kourtney Kardashian's makeup-free face, which cameras happened to catch a few shots of as she arrived at LAX earlier this week.

While she always looks great, it's hard not to be a little bit envious of just how ridiculously gorgeous she is even when she's not trying. I mean, she doesn't even appear to have the slightest hint of foundation or blush on, and she's still glowing -- something that isn't always easy to achieve.

(Oh, so what if there's a small blemish on her chin. Nobody's perfect.)


But while at first glance Kourt appears to be virtually makeup-free, she does have a few things working in her favor that made her look polished and put together.

First of all, she is wearing a dab of clear lip gloss, which says, "I don't have time to get all dolled up today, but I still care about how I look."

Second, it looks as though Kourt threw on a coat or two of mascara to brighten up her eyes a bit. Hey, just because she's been traveling doesn't mean she has to look exhausted.

And third, by throwing on a hat, Kourtney gave herself a much more sporty and casual vibe than she normally puts out, which works great with the minimal makeup thing. Actually, she'd look kind of weird in a ball cap if she had heavy makeup going on -- so the tiny bit she's wearing really complements this outfit perfectly.

Gee. Maybe we should all start putting a little less effort into getting ready in the morning. If this is the end product of taking less than five minutes or so to throw ourselves together, we really can't go wrong with going for a more casual appearance.

Does your version of wearing "no makeup" still include a tiny bit of makeup?


Image via Splash

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