Guy Fieri's Shockingly Violent Fight With Hairdresser Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

guy fieri
Shockingly, Fieri's fighting with his hairdresser.
There's weird, and then there's Guy Fieri getting into a fist-fight with his hairdresser weird. Somehow, by the grace of all things that are fried and dipped in hot sauce, a bystander happened to catch celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, and his crying hairstylist, Ariel Ramirez, get into an all-out kicking and punching, cuss word-laden fight on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport. 

Guys, this argument is more heated than a batch of Fieri's famous buffalo wings. If you do one thing today, watch this bizarre video. You won't become a better person for it. In fact, you'll probably become a worse person. But it's worth it. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE!!!



According to TMZ, the fight ended with Guy throwing Ariel out of the car, and Guy's manager hopping out and taking the poor bastard home by cab. Sources close to Guy claim that the two men were both drinking on the plane and the fight was really "about nothing." It apparently was just "dudes being dudes." I say the fight was because Guy finally realized what his hairdresser has been doing to him all these years.

Glad everyone's okay! And way to step in and break things up ... everyone who was standing around watching.

Are you a Guy Fieri fan? Is this surprising to you?


Image via Chris Gordon/Corbis

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