Kate Middleton May Be Under Stress We Can't Even Begin to Imagine

kate middleton volleyball flat stomachSure, at the big reveal of Prince George, new mama Kate Middleton still had that "mummy tummy" we couldn't stop yakking about. But only weeks later, it seemed like she slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy shape ... and now, it almost seems as if she's gotten even thinner. Just the other day, she showed up to play volleyball and showed off an enviable flat stomach that had women having to pick their jaws up off of floors all over the world.

But as "perfect" as Kate may look to some, there are others who are concerned that the Duchess's recent weight loss may be indicative of the stress associated with new motherhood ... or worse yet, the stress associated with being under intense public scrutiny. Even a psychic, who had a five-year friendship with Princess Diana, is concerned about Kate!


The 57-year-old psychic healer, Simone Simmons, claims she has been communicating with Di during regular “visits” and has been anxious to pass on messages to Kate. I know, it's totally woo-woo and mad-sounding, but Simmons says:

Diana’s been worried about Kate’s weight loss since she had the baby and wants her to start eating properly. She warned that Kate’s too skinny. And she’s told her: "A little bit of what you fancy does you good." She is concerned Kate should not feel pressured by other people and is happy in her own skin.

Aww. Wow, yes, a bit crazy -- and hard to believe that this is coming from Di herself. But even if this is really coming from Simmons, it is advice Kate ought to consider. She does appear to be losing weight quickly. Even if it is truly the result of working out with a trainer and following a meticulous diet, I'm sure she still feels pressured to some extent, and being under that kind of stress can't be healthy.

Especially when we see her getting thinner by the day, it's not that crazy to wonder if she's at risk of falling victim to some of the same issues that plagued Princess Di. Fingers crossed she has the support system around her to prevent that from happening. Because as wacky as this psychic's message sounds, nothing could be truer than Kate -- and every woman -- deserving to feel happy in her own skin.

Do you find Kate's speedy weight loss concerning?

Image via i-Images, PacificCoastNews

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