The Truth Behind Farrah Abraham's Slew of Selfies (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Oct 30, 2013 Celebrities


Farrah AbrahamYesterday I made it my mission to find horrible celebrity selfies that never should've been taken. And in my quest to find the worst ones ever, I somehow neglected Farrah Abraham. The nerve of me!! How the mug of that Teen Mom turned porn star slipped my mind, I haven't the faintest idea. Especially because if I had to guess, Farrah may be the queen of all selfie-takers.

Not just normal happy selfies, either. For some reason, Abraham likes to make all sorts of surprised/ questionable/ concerned faces when the cameras on her.

Don't worry, not only have I've rounded up 7 of Farrah's most epic selfies, I've also deciphered what it is she was thinking when she took them. Check out what Farrah Abraham really thinks while snapping photos, here:

Are you a Farrah Abraham fan? Would you have captioned any of these selfies differently?


Image via farrahabrahamofficial/ Instagram

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