Freaky Horror Movie Montage Will Make You Afraid to Turn Around (VIDEO)

scary movie montageIt's that time of the year. You know, when people try to scare the crap out of you. Well, The Stir is no exception. We love a good, creepy prank. The only thing better? A movie that makes you jump out of your skin. So for our fellow fans of all things spine-tingling, here is a crazy-awesome montage of monsters silently creeping up on their unsuspecting victims. Take a look:


Totally freaky, right? Why do we love being scared? Of course, no one really ever wants a hoard of zombies trying to munch on their brains or an impossible-to-kill, axe-wielding maniac coming after them -- yet we rush to see it at the movies and on TV. But it doesn't even have to be Halloween to enjoy a good scare.

One of my favorite shows is SyFy Channel's Scare Tactics. It basically gives everyday people a chance to scare the hell out of their friends and family with elaborate pranks. Totally mean, but also totally hilarious. And each time, though the victim often feared for their lives, they couldn't stop laughing once they figured out it wasn't real.

I suppose it's the same rush we get when we hop aboard those wild, gravity-defying roller coasters. It's the thrill of it that lures us. It's an adrenaline-packed experience -- but one we know that will end safely. That is the only way to explain why we watch horror movies or even walk through menacing haunted houses so willingly. 

Tell us about your scariest Halloween experience.

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