5 Phases of PMS as Performed by Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian -- she really is just like us! At least when it comes to our hormones. Yup, even Kim suffers from PMS, she's confessed as much on Twitter. Not that she even has to. When Kim K experiences the symptoms of ovulatory function, it's written all over her face. Hard as any of us may try, there's no disguising that cranky, irritable time of the month.

To prove that Kimmy is just one of the girls in this monthly struggle, here are her best faces from KUWTK that perfectly narrate the phases of PMS. Kim embraces it so why shouldn't we? Because if having a legit medical excuse to act like a whiny witch once a month isn't a gift, we don't know what is.


Phase 1: Super Stubborn. Anyone who disagrees with any statement is obviously not as smart as you are and it's SO frustrating.

Whatever, you realize it's not worth the drama ...




Phase 3: Fury. Literally EVERYTHING pisses you off. And EVERYONE gets the brunt of it.



Phase 4: Tears! The slightest inconvenience can bring on the waterworks. And Kim's got it right because people around us really have NO idea why.

People may laugh because you look ridiculous crying over the lack of Ritz crackers in your house right now. But seriously, it's NOT funny.

Phase 5: Back to real life. Phew! You realize you just made it through the sporadic emotions of PMS, and even though your period will ensue, life returns to normal.


What's the most irrational thing you've done because of PMS?

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