Channing Tatum's New Reality Show Sadly Isn't About His Abs

channing tatumWith Magic Mike becoming such a surprise, runaway success, it may not be much of a shocker that Channing Tatum is developing his own reality show with A&E. It will actually revolve around Saints & Sinners, a Bourbon Street bar that Tatum opened with friend. The most disappointing part? It hasn't been confirmed whether the actor himself will actually appear on his own show.

Channing will be the producer and is developing an hour-long pilot. His restaurant is apparently "fashioned after a red-light-district bordello during the riverfront city's Storyville era," according to People. Sounds like a rockin', booze-filled good time, but wouldn't you rather see Channing show off those sexy dance moves instead?

It's too bad that the show won't revolve around Channing's amazing abs as well as his gorgeous wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and their first child, daughter Everly. Come on, he's (supposedly) the sexiest man alive! And seriously, how cute is this family?!


Oh well. His new show will join the A&E reality behemoths of Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and American Hoggers. Not sure how the reality stars from these shows would feel about pretty-boy Channing competing for A&E's top spot ... though I kind of think getting them all together in one room just to see what happens would be a reality show in and of itself.

Tatum is also working on sequels to 21 Jump Street as well as Magic Mike. On top of that, he's teaming up with Nick Zano to create a new comedy show for CBS. How's this dude going to find time to sleep at night? Let's hope it's not at the expense of spending time with little Everly!

Although we're certain that Tatum's new reality show will feature lots of sexy, drunken, crazy, heat-filled nights NOLA-style, which we kind of can't wait to see, we've gotta leave you with some Channing Tatum eye candy for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome!

Channing Tatum

Why not?

Channing Tatum

I mean ...

Channing Tatum

Sorry I passed out there for a second.

Channing Tatum

Damn, his wife is one lucky lady.

channing tatum

AWWWWWWWWWWWW. Pizza and cats.

channing tatum

OMG how nice of you! I lurve you.

channing tatum

He even answers his phone sexily.

channing tatum

Well ok then ... time to take a shower.

Would you watch Channing Tatum's new reality show? Would you prefer if he were starring in it?


Image via channingtatum/Instagram

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