Miley Cyrus' Drastic New Hairstyle Means There Might Be Hope for Her Yet (PHOTO)

Miley CyrusLet me guess -- you did a double-take the minute you saw this photo of Miley Cyrus with long hair. You figured it was probably taken a few years ago, you know -- before she decided to completely alter her appearance, behavior, and attitude.

That's what I initially thought too, until I read the caption accompanying the pic, which she shared via Twitter. It simply reads, "Wigzzzzzz!"

Yep. Miley is wearing a wig, which, oddly enough, makes her look exactly like the old Miley Cyrus we all knew and loved at one point or another.


OMG. How much better does she look with long, brown, lustrous hair versus the shaved, platinum look she's currently sporting? She just seems so much more fresh, natural, and innocent -- which is pretty much the polar opposite of the appearance she seems to be striving for these days.

And while she was obviously just having a little bit of fun experimenting with a new (old?) 'do -- seeing Miley with such a drastic hair change makes me think there might just be hope for her after all.

Somewhere beneath her protruding tongue, skin-baring outfits, and twerking bootie, Hannah Montana is still lurking around, just waiting for her big moment to make the comeback of all comebacks.

I'm gonna go ahead and call it, people. It might take a good five or ten years or so, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of the old Miley Cyrus. Don't be surprised when she shows up at the VMAs wearing an evening gown, minimal makeup, and freshly blown out hair that rivals Kate Middleton's perfect coif.

(But when that happens, Robin Thicke will have to switch to singing opera or something.)

Do you think Miley looks better with long hair?


Image via Twitter

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