Lindsay Lohan Partying With Miley Cyrus: What Could Go Wrong?

lindsay lohanLindsay. Freaking. Lohan. What the damn hell, girl?? Time and again I stick my neck out for you. Over and over, I try my best to convince all the haters you're on the straight and narrow for real this time, and how do you repay me?? By going out and partying with Miley Cyrus!!

** Bangs head against wall ** 

Yep. According to sources, Lohan met up with Cyrus in NYC at a Chelsea nightclub around 4 a.m. on Sunday, October 27, where the two wild and crazy gals hung out until 5 a.m., when they left ... together. Ruh-roh, Raggy


Okay, so, to be fair, we don't know for sure that LiLo was drinking and/or indulging in any other mind/judgment-altering substances. But more and more eyewitnesses are testifying to Lohan's wagon falling-off behavior, saying things like:

“She was definitely drinking alcohol. She got increasingly sloppy as the hours went on. At one point Lindsay was literally hanging on to a couple of her friends, like they were holding her up.” 

Aw, geez. Well, whaddya expect when you trade your sober coach for the tongue-waggling Queen of Twerk?? Look, I'm gonna do Lindsay a solid here and include a bit of my usual cheerleading: Just because she was hanging out with Miley "Pro-Molly Naked Trainwreck" Cyrus doesn't mean she was doing anything un-sober. I mean, the whole guilt by association thing is some pretty unfair BS. BUT! But. Think, Lindsay, think. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, what would Oprah say?? 

It just goes to show, self-destructive pals hold some powerful sway over newly reformed types, even when somebody like Oprah is dangling a high-paying reality TV series carrot in the attempt to make you stay clean. Maybe Oprah can save LiLo and Miley both?? 

Look under your seat! Everybody gets a sober coach!!

Do you think it's a bad sign that Lindsay Lohan is hanging out with Miley Cyrus?


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