Delusional Kanye Thinks Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than Obama

I bet Kim Kardashian is getting pretty tired of all these Michelle Obama comparisons. I mean, the First Lady may have graduated from Harvard Law School, and may just be working to curb childhood obesity with her "Let's Move" movement while promoting arts education and supporting military families, but -- big whoop -- Kim looks stunning in a swimsuit just months after giving birth! Michelle's selfie skills aren't nearly as impeccable, either.

Still, according to Kanye West, his fiance is more influential than Obama, and if anyone deserves to be on the cover of Vogue, it's her. Child obesity and the ability to make a $50 J.Crew skirt look like couture, be damned.


There's something truly sweet about Kanye's delusional declaration, which he shared this week during his On Air With Ryan Seacrest radio interview. He clearly loves his girl, thinks she's tops, and believes she is beautiful and stylish enough to appear on the cover of the biggest fashion mag in the world. How many of us don't love to be told by our significant others that we are as gorgeous as movie stars? 

But I fear he is confusing "influential" with "notorious." Michelle makes people want to better themselves -- to lose weight for health purposes, support worthwhile causes, or volunteer their time to help others. Kim makes most of us want to find the quickest way to drop 10 pounds in seven days. Personally, she has influenced me to cover up my breasts more when I get dressed. 

And if I can defend Vogue for one second, I don't see this as an issue of "classicism," as Kanye describes it. I mean, both Lady Gaga and Rihanna have appeared on the cover and they aren't members of the royal family. But I'm afraid they have something Kim lacks -- individuality and personal style. They don't always hit the mark, but they also don't look like their boyfriends are helping them get dressed every morning. 

While I'd love to see Kim in Vogue because I know their editors could do wonders with her look -- she is a gorgeous woman, after all -- Kanye needs to cool it with the Obama comparisons and silly anti-everyone-who-hasn't-fallen-to-their-knees-for-Kim statements. 

Do you think Kim is more influential than Michelle Obama? Has she earned a Vogue cover? 


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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