Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Jump the Gun on Taking Kanye West's Last Name

kim kardashian speaks with e! taoLooks like not only will Kim Kardashian let new fiance Kanye West run the show when it comes to their upcoming wedding, but she's also planning on taking Yeezy's last name! Speaking to E! on the red carpet at her TAO birthday bash, she admitted that she'll become Kim Kardashian West. No hyphenation either; Kardashian will become her middle name, she explained.

Whoa. HUGE decision there. Although, when E! asked her, Kim didn't exactly look 100 percent positive about the decision. It's almost as if she were arriving at the conclusion right there on the spot. And for that reason, I almost wish I could shake her and say, "Honey, no! You don't have to make up your mind yet!"


Remember back in 2011, Kim reportedly told TMZ that she would be changing her name to Humphries, but never went through with it ... And no, not necessarily because they got divorced too fast! Ha. It's possible this is a repeat of history -- in that she'll say one thing and do another. But, at least in this case, that's fine.

Her own mom Kris Jenner supposedly didn't want Kim to ditch Kardashian when she married Kris Humphries, because it was so much a part of who she is and the empire she's built for herself (for better or worse). And sure, tacking on West and going about it much like her sis, Khloe (who has gone by Khloe Kardashian Odom since being married to Lamar), works, but still ... there's still something about sticking with the exact name you've identified with for 30+ years.

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I should know. I myself have been grappling with the decision to change or hyphenate since my May wedding. At first, I wanted to change it legally, keep my maiden name professionally. Then I thought, maybe hyphenate legally, keep maiden professionally. Now, I have NO freakin' clue, especially because my husband just wants me to do whatever makes me happiest and most comfortable. (Even more reason to love him, eh?) The thing is ... I'm still not quite sure what that is.

Kim may not either. There's no shame in that. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye would completely freak out if she didn't take his name, I also feel like he might understand. He is a businessman who respects his woman's business and branding savvy after all, right? Regardless, Kim needs to do what feels right. And she needs to have time to realize whatever that is. When it comes to something as major as changing your name -- and in turn, your identity -- women should take as much time as they need!

What team are you on for yourself -- Team Change, Team Hyphenate, or Team Keep? How 'bout for Kim?

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