Katharine McPhee’s Excuse for Kissing Her Married Director Is Pretty Lame

Katharine McPheePoor Katherine McPhee. Not since Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders have an actress and her married director been caught in such a marriage-shattering clinch. After Katharine and her married Smash director, Michael Morris, were photographed kissing, Morris's wife and mother of his three kids, Mary McCormack, reportedly tossed him out of their house. And Katharine and her husband, Nick Cokas, are separated -- though apparently they were before the couple were caught canoodling. All that's left is for Katharine to feel really, really, really bad. A friend of hers dishes to People magazine:

She didn't mean for anyone to be hurt.

Oh, boo hoo.


The friend goes on:

Katharine cares about Michael. But she still cares about Nick too.

Ack, if you care about your husband, you don't start up an affair -- or whatever this was -- with someone else.

Boy, do I hate that "I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt" excuse. It's like, Sorry, I didn't mean to run you over. Oh, sorry, did the gun go off and shoot you in the head? Sorry, didn't mean it.

No, you did mean it. You just didn't mean to get caught at it. There's a big difference.

There's also a difference between saying, "I am sorry I hurt you" -- which is what real men and women say -- and "I didn't mean to hurt you," which is what wishy-washy, I-won't-take-responsibility-for-my-actions lamebrains say. The only reply to someone who says, "I didn't mean to hurt you" is "Well, ya did, asshole!"

Ugh, seriously, retire that excuse, everyone. It can never be used again by anyone. Ever.

That said, the pal also says that this is a "very hard" time for Katharine and that she's "very upset." Really? Why? Is it me, or is SHE acting like a victim here?

The only person who has a right to be going through a very hard time is Mary -- she's the one who was reportedly blindsided by her husband's affair.

Any hard time Katharine is having, she created herself.

Have you ever heard "I didn't mean to hurt you"?


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