Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Insensitive, Racist Skit (VIDEO)

jimmy kimmelLooks like Jimmy Kimmel is in trouble because of another skit. Just a couple of weeks ago, he made an enemy out of Kanye West after parodying the pompous rapper. Now he's under fire for what the Chinese community is calling a "racist" spoof.


In the unscripted bit, Kimmel is sitting with a panel of kid commentators. He asks them how America should pay back the money the U.S. owes to China and one child suggests, "Kill everyone in China." Kimmel laughs and runs with it, saying, "Okay, that's an interesting idea." He goes on to ask other youngsters, "Should we allow the Chinese to live?" The answers were surprisingly mixed.

While the audience could be heard laughing, not everyone thought the clip was funny. The network has had many complaints and there was even a march on the streets of San Francisco where people carried photos of Kimmel sporting a Hitler-like mustache. Some were even calling for the funnyman to be fired. Basically, they felt the joke was racist and insensitive -- and they are right. That may not have been the talk show host's intent, but that is definitely the effect.

Kids will be kids, of course. They have no idea the kind of impact comments like that can have. But that doesn't mean you encourage it. This was a teaching moment, not a comic one. They should have halted that back and forth and asked a different question -- but not before telling them that joking about killing people is not funny.

ABC and Kimmel certainly realize how inappropriate the skit is now. They have since issued an apology to the Asian community and everyone else who was offended by the show.

Judge for yourself:

Do you think the skit is racist or are people being too sensitive?

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