'Star Wars' Blooper Reel Surfaces With Hilarious Never-Before-Seen Footage (VIDEO)

star wars

So, I really want to tell you guys about this long-lost Star Wars blooper reel, but the thing is, there's no time. Well, there's a little bit of time -- still, I better make this quick! Because when the reel surfaced at Comic-Con this July, after being discovered by J.W. Rinzler (editor and author for Lucasfilm's book division) while combing through the archives for a "making of" series, it was "not expected to be made widely available" -- but somehow, this video ended up on YouTube ... for now!


Seriously, this is like a little gold nugget of happiness for Star Wars fans. Helmets falling off, lines flubbed, Carrie Fisher cracking up ... you can't go wrong! Check this out (fast!):

I think my favorite part is when Harrison Ford eats his headset. But what's up with Mark Hamill not knowing how to pronounce "supernova"? Dude, it's not that hard! Compound words, my man, compound words. Super. Nova. Supernova. Easy as pie! (Hmm, I think I'm starting to understand why his career tanked post-Star Wars.)

What was your favorite part of this Star Wars blooper reel?

Image via Neil Bowyer/YouTube

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