Kanye West's Plans for Kim Kardashian's Wedding Are Outrageous Even for Him

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

We're all expecting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding to be lavish, indulgent, and ridiculously over-the-top, especially since Kim has agreed to let her hubby-to-be do whatever he wants in regards to planning their big day.

But would you believe that Kanye wants fighter jets at the ceremony? Yes, fighter jets. And that's not even a rumor. Nope. Kanye actually admitted that fighter jets are on the list of embellishments for what will no doubt be the wedding of the century.

And I know this is Kanye and we really shouldn't be all that shocked that he expects airplanes buzzing around overhead when he and Kim take their vows. But fighter jets? Seriously?


Who does he think he is ... a dignitary or something? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He thinks he's royalty ... so ...

(Geez. And I thought being married on a beach with fish jumping in the background was cool. How lame.)

Honestly, doesn't this move seems a bit grandiose even for Kanye -- especially considering how loud those things are? Huh. Maybe that's the point? To drown out the sound of him saying, "I do" just in case things don't work out? (Poor North West will be scared outta her tiny little mind.)

(You do know that Kim and Kanye are signing a prenup, right?)

Ugh. I know he wants the wedding to be extra special and all -- but there have to be other things he can dream up that are a bit more realistic and appropriate for celebrating two people pledging to spend hopefully more than 72 days of their lives together.

Ooo! I know. How about having all of the guests transported from the ceremony to the reception venue in hot air balloons? That would be pretty awesome -- and would be a conversation starter for sure. (Unless it's really windy that day. That would suck.)

But hey -- at least hot air balloons make a whole lot less ruckus than fighter jets.

Did you have anything outrageous at your wedding?


Image via Victor Decolongon/Getty

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