The Prince George Commemorative Mug Is Selling Almost As Well As These 5 Other 'Royal' Items (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Oct 28, 2013 Celebrities
The Prince George Commemorative Mug Is Selling Almost As Well As These 5 Other 'Royal' Items (PHOTOS)

I can't usually get down with commemorative pieces. When I'm up late at night channel surfing and come across a show selling replicas of every trinket Marilyn Monroe ever wore around her neck, arms, or fingers, I can't help but think: okay, if I buy that necklace, I'll need a pink sequinned gown to go with it. 

But this is different. This is an adorable and understated mug created by a family friend of the Middletons that pays tribute to the birth of little Prince George by featuring an acorn wearing a king's crown and the words "From Small Acorns." I absolutely must, must get my hands on it! I promise I won't even sully it with my disgusting American coffee but will force myself to make tea every day just so I can sip it from this cup with my pinkie up in the air. 

Sigh. But it's probably not going to happen because out of the 500 mugs Lynda Tillotson made, only 40 remain. Vultures, I tell you. 

Tillotson's quaint little shop is located just around the corner from where Kate Middleton grew up in Bucklebury. Since she made the mugs this year, the shopkeeper says they've been flying off the shelves. Each features "2013" on one side to honor the year George was born and christened, so she says she won't be making any more. 

This isn't the first time Royal Family memorabilia has inspired people to open up their purse strings. Remember Kate's blue sapphire engagement ring replica? And it didn't end there. Have a look at some of the most wanted Kate, Will, and George tribute pieces to hit the market. Personally, I wouldn't mind owning the Royal Baby Commemorative Pillbox. Can you find a more perfect shade of blue? Oh, if only I had some pills now. 

Have you ever purchased a commemorative piece? What do you think of Royal Family memorabilia? 


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  • Royal Baby Commemorative Pillbox


    I would keep this gorgeous pillbox on my vanity and use it to store mints.

    Royal Baby Commemorative Pillbox (£30.00) at Royal Collection Trust Shop. 

  • Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring


    It's arguably the most popular engagement ring in the world, and you can own a replica of Kate's sapphire sparkler. 

    Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring ($99) at Bradford Exchange. 

  • Royal Baby Blue Pram Tree Decoration


    Just in time for the holidays! But make sure you already have ornaments to honor the births of your own children, or you're going to have to answer some uncomfortable questions from your kids and relatives. 

    Royal Baby Blue Pram Tree Decoration (£12.95) at Royal Collection Trust Shop. 

  • Kate Middleton Bride Doll


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    Loved Kate's wedding gown and want the world to know it? This princess bride doll is made from porcelain and features an exact replica of her beloved dress. 

    Kate Middleton Bride Doll ($149.99) at

  • The Royal Baby Book: A Souvenir Album


    Go on and indulge in all the tidbits about your favorite royal babies, from Queen Victoria to Prince William to little George. Have a look at their toys, rattles, first shoes, crowns, and even notes written in their adorable childish scrawl. 

    The Royal Baby Book: A Souvenir Album (£9.95) at Royal Collection Trust Shop. 

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