Ciara’s Boyfriend Pops the Question With HUGE 15-Carat Ring

ciara, futureSorry Kim Kardashian. There's another star who is stealing your engagement thunder today. Singer Ciara also got a surprise birthday proposal from her rapper/producer boyfriend Future. So how exactly does her big announcement outshine the reality TV star? Think ring. It just may be one of the biggest, most outrageous pieces of bling you've ever seen.


While celebrating her 28th birthday in New York City over this past weekend, the rapper popped the question with a 15-carat diamond ring -- the same size Kanye gave Kim! You read that correctly. 15-carats!!!!

Can't picture it? You don't have to guess. has revealed the crazy-big ring. The emerald-cut diamond was designed by Avianne & Co and is stunningly gorgeous. So what does a ring like that run? It could be anywhere between $350,000 to $1,000,000 -- and maybe more depending on cut, clarity, etc.

As over-the-top as it is, Ciara certainly isn't the only star sporting such a huge rock. The others in the 15-carat or bigger club: Kim Kardashian (and I should note that before Kanye proposed, her ring from ex Kris Humphries was a whopping 20.5 carat ring); Paris Hilton got a 24-carat, $4.7 million ring from Paris Lastis; Jay Z slipped an 18-carat bauble on Beyonce's finger; Mariah Carey was given a 17-carat ring from Nick Cannon that's worth $2.5 million; and Lisa Vanderpump wears a 20-carat sparkler.

The pair began dating last year and this will be the first marriage for both of them. With any luck, their relationship will defy odds. A successful celeb marriage is no easy feat. Good luck to them!

What does a ring that big say about the guy who buys it and the woman who wears it?

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