Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom's Marriage Wrecked by ... Justin Bieber?!

miranda kerr orlando bloom with flynn after splitThe couple looking cozy this past weekendFile this under completely insane: New reports say Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's shocking split after three years of marriage may have something to do with ... JUSTIN BIEBER?! WTH? Is this kid hell-bent on making a mess of everything in Hollywood? Or is this just completely wacky, fictionalized gossip? I'm hoping the latter.

Miranda, who is 30, reportedly spent "hours" with Justin, who is 13 19, at a showbiz party in NYC about a year ago. The two posed together in a photo after the Victoria's Secret fashion show (okay, so?), and later spent time at a hotel party that was part of NY Fashion Week. Reports say that Miranda was "fascinated" by Biebs, and according to sources, she even taught their little boy Flynn to say "Bieber fever." Face. Palm.

This sounds completely made-up, right?


Or at the very least, extremely exaggerated!

Considering how megalomanical as Bieber seems, I'd believe that he would think he could get with a 30-year-old, married supermodel. But I can't buy the idea that Miranda would be genuinely flirting with him, let alone remotely interested in -- gulp -- a relationship?! Maybe they had some sort of playful interaction, but that's it. Let's hope so ...

Let's face it: The real reason Orlando and Miranda are calling it quits remains a mystery. And what a mystery it is, given these happy, cozy photos of the two that surfaced just days after they announced their split. So bizarre ... Maybe they won't really file, after all!

As for the Biebs story, my vote's for the kid himself having started this rumor, so as to look like some sort of badass, supermodel-scoring homewrecker. Which of course isn't a good look for anyone, but maybe Biebs is hoping it'll make Selena jealous ...? My, what a crazy, tangled web celeb gossip weaves!

Do you believe Justin Bieber has anything to do with Miranda and Orlando's split?



Image via Lenny Abbot, PacificCoastNews.com


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