Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Gives Ridiculous Excuse for Demanding Insane Amount of Child Support

jon cryerJon Cryer is a very wealthy man. He makes a fantastically good living off of Two and a Half Men to the tune of $2 million a month. Yet he's only paying his ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, $8,000 in child support each month for their son, Charlie. Is that fair? Trigger certainly doesn't think so. And she's asking Cryer for more money. A lot more. Cryer's ex is demanding that he pay her almost $90,000 a month in child support so the couple's high school-aged son can keep up with his peers' lavish lifestyles.

Fair or straight-up poppycock?


In the legal petition that she's filed, Trigger wrote: "Currently, I am unemployed. Petitioner is highly successful actor who I believe earns approximately $2,000,000 per month." Trigger, who shares 50-50 custody of Charlie with Cryer, added: "Currently, Charlie experiences two different lifestyles depending on which parent he is with. Fifty percent of the time Charlie is able to compete with his peers on a level playing field and the other fifty percent of the time Charlie is not able to compete on a level playing field." She then went on to note that she doesn't have the cash flow for elaborate parties, fancy summer camps, extracurricular activities, or exotic vacations.

Now, I'm a little confused here. While I do think that Cryer can afford to fork over more than $8,000 a month in child support, considering his astronomical salary, I don't see how Charlie's life could be all that different when he's with his mother compared to when he's with his father. I mean, if Charlie wanted to go on a trip with friends, or have a fancy party, couldn't he just ask his father to foot the bill? I can't really see the need for Trigger to get almost $90,000 a month in order for her son to not feel left out. He isn't with her 100% of the time. She and Cryer have joint custody, so this isn't really adding up for me.

While it's a knee-jerk reaction to call this woman an insane gold-digger, I can't say I think she's completely out of line asking for more money in child support. But her argument for doing so isn't making all that much sense. I can't imagine her son, who goes to a fancy private school and has an incredibly famous father, feels like an outcast very often.

Also, Trigger is asking Cryer pay her attorney fees.

What do you think an appropriate amount would be for Cryer to pay in child support?


Image via Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA/Corbis

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