Robert Pattinson's New 'Friend' Has Freaky Similarities to KStew (PHOTO)

robert pattinson annika holtzWhile the world is collectively freaking out over the video of Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry drunkenly singing karaoke together, another RPattz rumor has quietly emerged. It's the rumor, yes, of a lady friend our beloved Rob has recently acquired. A lady friend who is insanely hot. A lady friend who may or may not be more than a lady friend. A lady friend who ... has way too much in common with Kristen Stewart.


Her name is Annika Holtz and she's a Swedish model who recently set the 'net a fire after she posted a photo to Instagram of herself hanging out in the back of a car with Rob. According to some, KStew has nothing to worry about because Holtz reportedly is a lesbian who came out at 15. But, according to some, KStew is a lesbian, too. So yeah. Ya never know what's what in Hollyweird. Annika was on a Swedish reality show akin to Survivor, where she was dubbed "the coolest on the island". And, like Kristen, Annika is a tomboy who has a passion for her dogs.

Now, if I were a betting woman, I'd say this sexy Annika lady and Rob aren't going to be walking down the aisle any time soon, as, well, she's reportedly not into dudes. But hey, if anyone can change a woman/man/dog/alien, it's Robert Pattinson.

Who do you want to see Robert Pattinson with now that he and Kristen are (supposedly) done?


Image via Annika Holtz/Instagram

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