Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Are All Over Each Other in a Karaoke Bar (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson

Ohhhh myyyyy gawwwd. Kristen Stewart, avert your eyes. Avert your eyes from the world, girl. You do NOT want to see this. Remember over the summer how you and RPattz took a little break -- again -- and then rumors began surfacing that Rob and your pal Katy Perry were dating and she was all, deny deny deny, and just because I have boobs doesn't mean we were dating? Liar, liar, Katy Perry's pants are totally on fire, cause if these two weren't dating, they were at least hooking up big time, and here's the proof: Video of the two of them together, drunkenly warbling "I'll Make Love to You" by Boyz II Men and being grabbier with each other than toddlers in the candy aisle.


Back in July, someone (thank you, kind person!) taped Rob and Katy at karaoke club Dimples. At the time, rumors were rampant that the two were seeing each other -- JUST after Rob's latest break with KStew -- but Katy tried to put the kibosh on it by saying the two were "just good friends." Which in Hollywood translates as "just two people who are screwing each other."

Look, I'm not saying they DEFINITELY were hooking up -- but, okay, I'm saying they were DEFINITELY hooking up. Check out this video and tell me otherwise, you poor, naive souls:

Did you see when Katy was all, This chair is too tall to make love. And then she slithers -- slithers! -- into his lap.

"Anyone sitting here?"

And hello? The song they chose. I'll make love to you?! They didn't choose "With a Little Help From My Friends"!

And Rob's all, "Let's go slooooowww." And Katy like kisses his booze-stained hand? And then he starts slurring that he's going to take his clothes off?

"OMG Rob, where is your hand?!"

Okay, nothing going on here, folks. Nope. Nothing to see. Just friends ... who are shagging the daylights out of each other.

"Of course no one is filming us."

Katy, you better hope KStew never sees this video. But she probably will because, you know, I'VE seen it. All I got to say, Katy, is:

Do you think this is proof that Rob and Katy were hooking up? And if not, why are you so naive?

Image via likeafooool/YouTube

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