Farrah Abraham Comes Clean About Her Secret Boyfriend of 5 Months

Hold the phone -- Farrah Abraham has a boyfriend? And they’ve been dating for five months?? How the heck did she keep this from us? You’d think that the girl that shares everything, from her multiple plastic surgery procedures to her girly bits, would have some how, some way let this slip before now.

According to sources, the Teen Mom reality star has been dating DJ Brian Dawe for about five months -- which would place the start of their relationship around the time her now infamous sex tape was released. She claimed at the time, "I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t get to do things like regular people get to do and like go on dates and feel comfortable."


Well she definitely looked comfortable on her date last weekend with Dawes! The two canoodled in Orlando, first walking through the park, and then later at dinner. They held hands, kissed, and just generally looked smitten to be in each other’s company.

Is it possible that Farrah kept this to herself for so long because it’s real to her? It’s hard to imagine her wanting to guard any part of heart after she’s put pretty much every other part of herself out there, but maybe some things are still sacred to her.

Or maybe she kept it under wraps because of her daughter Sophia? Farrah does a lot of crazy things, but inviting a man into her life is something that will directly affect her four-year-old, whose dad died before she was even born.

We may never know the reason for the secrecy, but I’m glad Farrah seems happy.

Do you have a conspiracy theory for why Farrah Abraham kept her romance a secret?

Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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