Kate Goes Out on the Town While Prince William Stays Home With the Baby

kate middletonKate Middleton left Prince William alone with Prince George on Thursday night. (Hey, they should write a song called "Two Princes"!) She had princess business to attend to and it was a strictly "no boyz allowed policy." More than likely, William and George sat together on the couch, watching soccer and drinking milk and beer. And, more than likely, Kate had a low-grade anxiety the entire time she was out.



Okay, maybe she didn't, because, let's get real here, people, even though Prince William is the greatest dad who's ever lived, there very likely was a nanny or two present while Kate was out. It isn't that Will's not perfectly capable -- he totally is! -- it's just ... well, do you think Will was completely alone with George while Kate was out?

Anyway, I'm digressing. Let's talk about the first time we left our babes with our husbands/partners/boyfriends/whatever for a second here, ladies. Were you nervous? Petrified? Thinking, "Thank God! Now he'll finally see what I deal with all day!"? I can't say I was a nervous wreck per se, but, despite my husband's capability, I still remember not being able to fully relax the entire time I was out. It was about five or six weeks after I had given birth, and I had a gift certificate for a facial. I walked about two blocks away from my apartment and felt like I was in Siberia. Also, I was gone for an hour and had pumped enough breastmilk to feed an entire daycare. I knew my daughter would be fine -- and she was! -- but it's hard leaving your little one with your partner for the first time! Especially when it's your first born!

So yeah. Even though George was in perfectly good hands, I'm sure there was a small part of Kate that was nervous about leaving her two guys behind. But she made it. And so did they. And so will you if you haven't done it yet! Kate and I swear!

What was it like the first time you left your child with your partner?


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