Lady Gaga's Chicken Outfit Is Even Wackier Than the Meat Dress

Lady Gaga in chicken costumeLady Gaga is known for being over-the-top when it comes to .. well, almost everything, but specifically her outfit choices. There was that Kermit the Frog getup, the time she showed up inside of an egg to the 2011 Grammys, and who could forget the landmark meat dress? But I think it's safe to say that the 27-year-old singer outdid herself in Berlin yesterday. Wearing a U-shaped furry mask with a gold beak, the "Born This Way" singer dressed as a chicken. Yes, Lady Gaga dressed up as a chicken. Complete with brown fur sleeves, black uber-high platform boots, and a bright yellow dress -- I think it's safe to say this is the most fashionable a chicken has EVER looked.

If this getup is any indication, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lady Gaga is making a comeback. Whether or not "Applause" is No. 1 on the charts.


This interesting cluckworthy look comes after Gaga's recent Twitter rant about the status of her career where she poked at a whole slew of media criticisms. With a whole slew of CAPS and hashtags, the singer said that she "writes for the music not the charts," and doesn't "need anybody's permission to be remembered."

Something tells me that despite joking about the hype, it's getting to her. In other words, cue the chicken costume. Gaga wants to make headlines. She wants to be relevant. Stepping out in public wearing something crazy, well, that'll do it. The diva popped out last night wearing a mustache and lingerie, and this morning half-naked without shoes on looking something similar to a hospital patient. So, there's that.

The outfits, they're part of the act -- the part that often gets her noticed. At the end of the day, though, I just can't stress enough that Gaga has some serious talent. For anyone to think that she's "gone," that her career is "dead," and that we've seen the best she has to offer? Well, I say you need to think again. As long as she can push that beak to the side and belt out a note, I think this woman's someone to watch -- even if she's NOT Madonna.

Do you think Lady Gaga has more to offer the music industry? What did you think of her chicken getup?


Image via Splash News

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