E.L. James Shares How She Really Feels About Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

jamie dornanWhen news broke that Jamie Dornan will play Christian Grey, E.L. James' Twitter feed was silent on the subject. Given that she had weighed in big time last time, I'm sure more than a few Fifty Shades of Grey fans were skeptical about the casting development before hearing from the author herself.

Well, now, there's no reason to question that Jamie is now most definitely, 100 percent, no questions asked taking on the coveted gig.

Here's the proof ...




Aww, nice, right? Sounds like Erika's psyched to have the hottie as the leading man. She should be. Especially given how it sounds like he blew all the other contenders out of the water in his read with Dakota.

A source tells Us that Jamie beat out Australian cutie Luke Bracey and Billy Magnussen, as we reported earlier this week. "The audition process was an embarrassment of riches. There were some fierce performances!" the source says. But in the end, it was Jamie all the way. I'm not surprised -- he definitely seems like a better bet than the other two!

The source reveals that everyone else associated with the production seems to have faith in the Irish actor, as well. "Everyone trusts that he'll make an excellent Christian and will do the role justice. His contract is set -- this has the potential to make him a huge star." Awesome. And I'm sure Jamie's not the only one hoping that now that now that the floundering Fifty Shades ship seems to have righted its course, it's on track to being a bonafied smash.

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Does Jamie's casting make you think the movie will be a hit?


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