Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Split Up -- Nooooo!

orlando bloom miranda kerrSay it isn't so! The world's most attractive couple just split up! Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr called it quits recently after three gorgeous-on-the-outside years of marriage. Orlando's rep gave the classic Hollywood-couple-splitting-up statement, saying: "Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months. After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation." The rep went on to talk about mutual respect, an amiable relationship, and raising their son together, blah blah blah.

But all I can think of is: Nooooo! Not Miranda and Orlando! Why, God, why???


There are some couples in Hollywood who just seem legit, you know. And, to me, Miranda and Orlando were one of these couples. They weren't all about the spotlight. They weren't into public grand gestures of love (except for that one time Orlando stood up to applaud his wife when she walked in the Victoria's Secret show -- swoon!). They just seemed, well, cool, and like they were perfectly content eating organic food and talking about global warming on a Friday night. I feel like we've been duped, guys!

Kidding aside, I really am sad that yet another famous couple who seemed like the real deal didn't make it. I feel bad for their adorable son, Flynn; and most of all, I feel bad because it's mathematically impossible for either one to ever find a partner as good-looking as each other.

Moment of silence.

What was the most shocking Hollywood split to you?


Image via Jared Milgrim/Corbis

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